This is the home page for genome sequences and resources aimed at halophilic microorganisms. The organisms listed below may grow in salinity greater than that of sea water and are generally members of the archaeal branch of life. For an overview on archaea, see the Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology. For a discussion of nomenclature and taxonomy of haloarchaea, read the Commentary in Saline Systems. For a site on the use of haloarchaea in the classroom, see HaloEd. For gene naming conventions and conversions, click here. Core Haloarchaeal Orthologous Groups (cHOGs) are now available (see the article in BMC Genomics for details). For login privileges, please contact Professor S. DasSarma. Publications referencing HaloWeb should cite: Saline Systems 6, 12 (2010). This website is supported by grants from NASA and NIH to the DasSarma Laboratory, located at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, and is hosted by the Columbus Center (University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The following is a list of halophilic microorganism genomes available through HaloWeb: